How to Obfuscate

Before we start

This page assumes that files have already been uploaded to the platform. If you are new to the platform, We advise to check out the Getting Started Page.

Choosing files to protect

On the obfuscation page, you will see a list of files. The first step is to choose the files that you want to protect. To do that, you have to left-click on the files and then mark them to obfuscate.
There are some tricks that you can follow to make this process easier. You can hold the control key of your keyboard and select multiple files at the same time.
Simultaneously, you can select many files by selecting one file and then selecting another one while pressing the shift key.
To unmark a file, simply click "Obfuscate Selected" again.

Choosing Dependencies

Dependencies are any library that your application uses to function. Our obfuscator requires them to analyze and protect your files accurately. Not providing the correct dependencies will lead to errors in the obfuscation stage.
Generally speaking, you should upload the entire Release folder of your application.
Our obfuscator will not deliver corrupted files due to missing dependencies, instead, while running the obfuscation task you will receive an error message stating that there are missing dependencies. If possible, our engine will list the missing files.

Choosing files to merge

The merge feature allows you to link your dependencies into one single binary. Mark the dependencies that you want to merge to have them linked with your main application.
Using our merger along with obfuscation will increase the overall security of the obfuscation.

Wrapping up

After all the steps listed are satisfied, you are ready to click Create Task to begin with the obfuscation.