Getting Started

Quick Start

Our platform is easy to use, however, at first glance you might be amused due to the number of features it has built-in.

File Encryption

File encryption is the ability that you have to keep the files stored safely in our servers. This feature was built to ensure the integrity and safety of your intellectual property. This feature is optional but highly recommended.
By enabling this feature, you will have to remember a master password that is solely owned by you. When performing actions that involve files on our website (uploading or obfuscating files), you will be asked for this key. We do not store this password, instead, we store its hash using Argon2. When you enter your master password, we will verify that the hash of the input matches with what's stored in our servers. The encryption used to protect your files is Salsa20
To enable File Encryption in your account, go to this page here and follow the following steps:

File Upload

Before using our obfuscation services, you must upload the files you want to protect and their dependencies. To do this, you must go to the file manager page and click the button upload files.
You can upload up to 100 files at the same time, to do that, follow the same steps but selecting or dropping the new files.

File Removal

You can remove any file from our cloud at any given point. We won't keep logs or traces of the files you remove.
To remove a file, go to the file manager page and select the file you want to remove. This will enable the button Remove Files, clicking it will cause the files to be removed.

You are all set

The next step is to obfuscate your files.