Program not working after obfuscation


Your program not working or changing behaviors after obfuscation is a case of incorrect obfuscation. At Cyphor, we continuously improve our testing system and strive to decrease the number of corruptions caused by obfuscation. However, it is impossible to completely avoid such cases, as new files and technologies arise every moment.
Cyphor delivers one of the fastest reactions to the arising issues by providing the users with a Cloud experience, this allows us to easily modify the service and deploy updates without damaging the experience of anybody.
Typically, compatibility and corruption issues are fixed after some hours of the ticket being created, however, this time varies depending on the complexity of the case and the queue of tickets that our team is handling at the moment you create the ticket.
Theoretically speaking, it is possible to create an obfuscator that is reliable with most if not all applications, out of the box. Nevertheless, this comes with a tradeoff, the obfuscation becomes simple and trivial for an attacker to solve, realistically speaking, you don't want that in your application.
From now on, this page will focus on hotfixes that you can apply to ensure the most compatibility and security on your application.

The user interface is significantly slower.

The main reason for this to happen is due to applying multiple obfuscation layers on the design code, this is typically a bad practice and should be avoided as much as possible (except for features that are very light to the performance of the application, such as Symbol Renaming, Integrity Checks, Anti Debugging or Control Flow with default settings).

Incompatible runtime version.

Ever since the official release of Cyphor Obfuscator, we decided to stop supporting older .NET Framework runtimes (Any program developed below Framework 4.0 is not officially supported).
The main reason is maximizing the performance of the obfuscation process, supporting older versions of the runtime came with drawbacks that would affect negatively those that use newer technologies. Thus being said, we do not have any plans on removing .NET Framework 4.0 compatibility.

Program not executing after obfuscation.

Something went wrong during the obfuscation process, due to how generic and scattered the origin of those errors are, the fastest solution is to ask us via live chat, email, or ticket, our engineers will be able to analyze the error and release a fix as soon as possible.